IGENZ is a privately-owned IANZ-accredited medical testing laboratory established in 2006.

The majority of our work is cancer-related and we provide an extensive oncology cytogenetic and molecular diagnostic service. We are always looking to expand our current repertoire of testing and welcome collaborations from other healthcare professionals.

Please email us at info@igenz.co.nz if you think that we can help.

We assisted our colleagues at the Grafton Clinical Genomics Service with COVID-19 testing during 2020 and partnered with Rako Science to play an essential role in protecting the team of 5 million.


If you are looking for parentage/relationship testing, please refer to our sister website: https://www.dnadiagnostics.co.nz/

 COVID-19 Response Recognition Award



Level 2, Quay Park Centre
68 Beach Road

Phone 09 3073981
Fax 09 3073983